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< T F O S > is a simple game which try to tells a small-fable about the inconspicuous shift of life stage.

it main contains 3 short different chapters, were correspond respectively with different life-stage.

Recommend resolution : 1920*1080( it was built under this set).


Controll :

Just need [Z] & [C] with ArrowKeys .

hit or hold (some times.)


this game was built for my first single chanllenge (LD#35 - topic [ shape-shift ] ) it really let me tasted the exciting feeling which may long-lost for me and also let me experience quite a lot .... but my hand is too green to finished until recently...QoQ this process both troublesome and interesting :D


about LD:

Art / Audio and mostly Animation was built in the first three days...
sound and music was created on sfxr & otomata & tonematrix respectively...

just the-end-music<glow in the dark> is from the PACDV.com

(Thanks alot for these tools , really helpful alot ! love them so much!)

LDpage-here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=55854


All in all, This game is not long and not too much fast-paced

(if you still encounter some difficulties,i write some small tips at the end of this document, but i still recommended you experience this game before reading it,certainly wish it could be useful,as well)

Really hope you like and enjoy this journey and have a relax experience

Any feedback is precious and needed!

Best wish for you.




----Small Tips for [buttons] and [each levels]...

This game is really not hard =o=

( because there are no death ,no restart also no difficult puzzle....the only thing that you may lost the way in level2 ? Haha)

so i think it may be more fun if you explore/experiment by youself before to read this below part ^-^

but maybe it is still necessary~? Haha

--- Spoiler attention

[Z] button: always like a function button,eat take (and kiss?)

[C] button: always need you to hold->release,it more like breath,and build some grab power~


-for levelA, you just need more interaction with the world,it just as a warm up(like a tutorial level) let you know these basic controll and the rules in this world...

(if need more tips,can more try to hold [C], and in this level, [z] just only need hit to do eat action..After a certain amount of hit \ eat ,the window of opportunity(or the target key)To be near you...

got them...the number of it is 4....

-for levelB,the key is "find",and "hand in hand"? some "people" can do what you can't do,vice versa, there are some place waiting for you arrival together.... [z] have more important in this level..sometimes you need more use it to...

-for levelC, you just mix what you have got from the previous two levels. keep the [rhythm]/ controll your [balance],also be active in reaction, then facing the moment of finish peaceful...


The End.


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Published 1 year ago
Tags2D, ambient, fable, flower, lovely, Ludum Dare 35, nodie, Physics, sphinx, two-button
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